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As a cross-platform business messaging app, Kahla can encrypt communications at any location, on any device. And it is completely open source and free.

Latest version: 4.5.0

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Business level

Kahla is designed for commercial use. the service can be deployed inside your company and access to the full functionality of Kahla without internet.


Kahla faced almost all mobile and desktop platforms. Use only one app for quick access by any customer. Kahla also supports open in browser without installation.

Highly secure

Kahla supports end-to-end encrypted message communication and supports the automatic destruction of messages. Even if you don't trust Kahla's server, you can safely deliver secrets.

Always free

Kahla is an open source project supported by grants and donations. There is no ad, no affiliate marketer, no creepy tracking. Just for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience.

Large amount

Kahla provides extremely large storage space for free. Files can remain on the server for up to 100 days. And messages can retain up to 20,000 per conversation and never lose.

Open development

Kahla opens all of its APIs to the public for free. Whether it's building notifier, open account or chatbots, Kahla makes the process extremely easy.

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